What We Do

Our Services

Please see below details of the services we provide. If you have a project in mind we are happy to meet with you for a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements and provide a fee proposal to suit. We can provide a full service package of both architectural design and project management or the services separately , i.e. if you have an existing architectural designer on board we are happy to only provide the project management of that project.

Architectural Design: We will understand your requirements and plan the new space to meet them. Using 3D CAD software we can show you what the space will look like when complete.

Project Management: We will talk to M&E and structural consultants if their services are required depending on the scale of the refurbishment required. We can arrange for competitive quotes from   contractors and furniture suppliers.

CDM Principle Designer: We will undertake the health and safety duties required by the Principle Designers role under the CDM regulations 2015.


If you have classrooms or an office space that is out of date, or not providing the modern facilities required, we can help re-design your existing space.

New Build

Are new facilities required? We provide preliminary designs, detailed designs, drawings and applications to planning, construction drawings and details. We manage the design and construction. We will find contractors to provide tenders, help assess the contractors response, and monitor the contractors work throughout their time on site and during the maintenance period post completion.

Space Planning for the Future

Is expected growth for your building meaning you need to plan future facilities and accommodation? We can provide assistance in reviewing your existing site and formalise ideas for refurbishment and development to create a plan for the future. This will give you details of what you have now and what you want to change over the next, 1,2....10 years. giving you a clear vision, allowing you to plan finance, necessity and logistics.